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Greetings and welcome to my website!

My name is Sasha Wolfe. I am a published author/writer/poet, artist, and photographer. I am also editor of a local newspaper. The need to create is a driving force in my life. If I didn’t write, draw, paint, or take photographs, I’d go crazy … or die … or worse.

I strive to live an authentic, positive, wholehearted life. I meditate, practice tai chi, and work on some form of my art every day. It’s important to change my thinking when thoughts turn negative. I’ve stopped trying to be perfect and allow that imperfections are part of this wonderful life of ongoing processes. I am determined to move past obstacles. Love, excitement, and joy go into everything I do.

Let me introduce you to some of my work. Surround yourself with original beautiful works of art that will inspire you and make you feel good. Enjoy reading my blogs as I chat about life as an artist and whatever topic stirs my emotions.

Offered for sale are exquisite pastel or charcoal/pastel landscape paintings, books I’ve written, and hand-knitted, machine-washable scarves. Click on the links on the left for more info and the Art Gallery to see my paintings.

Enjoy your journey through this site and please feel free to contact me.


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