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It took many years before I was comfortable calling myself an artist. After all, I had no formal training except for a short workshop here and there. Who was I to lay claim I had any talent? But I could not stop the dreams and ideas filling my head. I could not help feeling every time I saw a painting that "I could do that."

Studying Julia Cameron's work in The Artist’s Way let me give myself permission to BE an artist and to feel okay telling people, “I am an artist.” That was the opening of a huge door. I dabbled, I experimented, I played. I didn't want to do traditional artwork; I didn't want to do what everyone else was doing. I was bound and determined to find my own way.

What truly made me feel I was “real” artist was being accepted into juried art groups and shows.
Enjoy browsing through my Art Gallery. If you like something, please contact me.

Thank you.

Sasha Charcoal Drawing

The Evolution of a Painter of Landscapes

My entire life has been a journey of finding my own way and being OK to not be like other people. I’ve never wanted to do exactly what others are doing. That philosophy runs true in my art, too. I’m not interested in “painting the masters.” I’m determined to follow the calling of my heart; to do it my way.

Charcoal landscape painting was a surprising discovery for me. I’ve always been inspired by the beauty of nature with all its splendor of colors, patterns, and textures, so transforming the colors of nature into the gray tones of charcoal became an interesting challenge leading me to view landscapes and painting with a new eye. After a while, I began adding hints of color using pastels, then more and more color.

It's All About the Color!

"It's all about the color!" became my motto. Part of my intention to live wholeheartedly is to bring light, color, and joy to my life. I Sasha-fied my house choosing color and décor that made me happy. The walls of my home have become a gallery covered with my beautiful paintings and photographs, and it fills me with such happiness. As pictures sell, I replace them with others.

The paintings evolved into full pastel with only a little charcoal in the initial layout, although I'll occasionally do a full charcoal ... (and I've even done the same scene twice, one in charcoal and one in pastel. That was interesting to see the differences!)

Ponds 2


Working with pastel and charcoal was an awakening, not only in the techniques, but in my view of art. I'm not a fine-detailed artist, so the looseness of pastel and charcoal and creating the "illusion of detail," was, on one hand, a perfect match for me. On the other hand, I struggled with that looseness because I always preferred crisp, sharp lines and intricate details in my photographs, oil paintings, and acrylic paintings. I was shocked to realize my style with pastel and charcoal is similar to impressionism. I've never cared for impressionist work, yet here I am dealing with the looseness of pastel and charcoal – and loving it! And my work kind of reminds me of my physical self – soft, sensitive, fuzzy around the edges with underlying layers. You see one thing at a quick glance, but upon looking closer, other nuances are revealed.

An Artist’s Journey

Sometimes the journey seems more important than the finished work. I’m always learning something new, discovering something else; not only about painting, but about myself and life. Each picture presents a unique challenge even though the scenes I choose to paint are similar. It’s intriguing and fascinating.

And there is something magical about painting; it often calls to me. I use photographs only as guidelines, but something happens after the initial stages of layout and blocking. The moment I pick up a pastel and step up to the easel, my hand just moves – like it has a mind of its own. There’s a moment when I let go and let the painting paint itself. I never know where it will end up, and it’s often a surprise. Eventually I call the painting done and walk away. The end result is always a joy, and once it’s double matted and framed under glass, it’s even more stunning!

Pastel Painting

Creating beauty for myself, creates beauty for others

“Creating beauty for myself, creates beauty for others!” is another mantra I’ve taken on. This is how I feel when I paint and posting photos of the progress on Facebook is just another way to share beauty. The pastel paintings are the most amazing work I’ve done! I want to share this joy and hopefully inspire others to look for beauty in their own lives.

Pastel Painting

My work has been described as mystical, peaceful, ethereal, soft-focused, and beautiful. Others have said my work bring a sense of calm. Their faces light up and they go, “Wow! It’s amazing!” when they see the paintings.

My art, along with my books, can be seen in various shops and businesses in New Hampshire. I’ve had showings at the Brown Memorial Library in Bradford, the Library Arts Center in Newport, Gallery at Well Sweep in Hillsborough, Jaffrey Civic Center, Goffstown Main Street Art on the Wall, Sunapee Lake Massage, Tall Pines Realty, MainStreet BookEnds in Warner, Whipple Hall in New London, and various other venues.

One of my charcoals was featured in the 2011/2012 winter edition of Kearsarge Magazine.

To contact me, e-mail , visit www.sashawolfe.net or see me on Facebook.

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