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Living a Creative Wholehearted Life

I’ve been blogging off and on for years; whenever the need to say something fills me. The topics range from personal to my life as a writer, artist, and photographer. I write about real life and in first person because I feel what I’m writing. It’s about dealing with the ups and downs of life in general, which includes my creative side, in my journey to be OK to be me.

I learn a lot about myself and life in general through writing about my experiences. Words just come to me; they can be inspired by something I read or from what someone said. Seeing the words on the page helps me gain better understanding, or see possibilities, when dealing with unpleasantness.

I don’t sugar coat, but I try to be courteous and impeccable with my words. I may make suggestions, but I am not here to tell anyone else what to do.

It takes courage to write about feelings and personal experience, but there’s also healing in it. It’s a way to let go. Putting the words on a page gets them out of me. It frees me up to be more creative. There is the joy of discovery as I’m often surprised at what comes up and out. 

And if my words spark some conversation or thought; may it always be with the intent of positiveness and growth.

I would love it if my posts are followed, but I also understand not everything I say will interest everyone. It is easy to follow by clicking on the Follow button. I will also post on my Facebook page whenever I add a new posting.

Photos will be included whenever possible.

I keep separate poetry and travel stories blogs because those writing tend to be on their own, something special. 

Thank you for reading. Enjoy!

the first cat

Choose from the following blog topics:

Living a Creative, Wholehearted Life: This blog contains writings on life issues, flashes of spiritual inspiration, and more as I endeavor to live creatively and wholeheartedly. Often this journey takes me into the realms of mind and emotions. There will be tales of falling into the well and climbing out. There will be dealings with day to day joys or challenges.

It can be quite the treasure hunt searching for the gold within. After all, life is full of rocky roads and soaring heights, and the real lessons learned are not about a goal, but about the journey, and as I open more to the Creative Muses, the sparks of inspiration envelop me in joy.

Living a Creative Wholehearted Life

Poems from Without and Within: Poetry is a creative fire; a rushing torrent of floodwaters. It’s very different from regular writing which is why I’ve given it its own page. Some say my poetry is sad, but poetry is a vehicle to release issues of despair into the light where the negativity cannot live. Poetry flows through me and, at other times, bubbles up from my soul. (Sometimes coming from elsewhere and other time from my inner well.) The words ignite a fire for a brief moment and leave me gasping for breath. But the poems always bring me relief and joy!

Poems from Without and Within

Travels with Sasha: This is one of the most exciting aspects of my life! Come along for the ride as I write about day trips and longer travels. Experience the utter excitement of discovering new sights along with the fears and frustrations of driving in unfamiliar places. Read the historical facts of the places visited – the well-known along with places off the beaten path, those often passed by.

Travels with Sasha
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