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I’ve been blogging off and on for a few years; whenever the need to say something fills me. The topics range from personal to my life as a writer, artist, and photographer. The writings either just come to me or they can be inspired by something I read or from what someone said.

My blogs are now categorized to allow readers to choose which to follow. Of course, I would love it if all my posts were followed, but I also understand not everything I say will interest everyone.

It is easy to follow by clicking on the Follow button. I will also post on Facebook whenever I add a new posting.

I write from a personal point of view and mostly in first person. My goal is to share insights and, perhaps, inspire some conversation; all in the views of postiveness and growth. I may make suggestions, but I am not here to tell anyone else what to do. I believe we can all learn from each other by sharing our stories. Photos will be included whenever possible.

Choose from the following blog topics:

Journey to Whole-Heartedness: This blog contains life issues, flashes of spiritual inspiration, and more as I endeavor to live whole-heartedly. Often this journey takes me into the realms of mind and emotions. It can be quite the treasure hunt searching for the gold within. After all, life is full of rocky roads and soaring heights and the real lessons learned are not about a goal, but about the journey.

Journey to Whole-Heartedness

My Life as an Artist: Covers topics concerning writing, art, photography, and any creative process. Art, in all its forms, is also a journey. It’s an opportunity to fly, to pour the self onto pages, canvas, or wherever inspiration leads. Art is also a treasure hunt to find what works and what doesn’t; what makes me feel good as an artist and what inspires me further. Whether I am writing, drawing, or taking photographs, I am often surprised when the end results turn into something totally unexpected. I also love to talk about the differences between various artists’ techniques, style, and goals.

Living the Life of an Artist

Travels with Sasha: This is one of the most exciting aspects of my life! Come along for the ride as I write about day trips and longer travels. Experience the utter excitement of discovering new sights along with the fears and frustrations of driving in unfamiliar places. Read the historical facts of the places visited – the well-known along with places off the beaten path, those often passed by.

Travels with Sasha
Poetry is a creative fire; a rushing torrent of floodwaters. Poetry is a vehicle to release issues of despair into the light where the negativity cannot live. Poetry flows through me and, at other times, bubbles up from my soul. The words ignite for a brief moment and leave me gasping for breath. But the poems always bring me relief and joy!
Poems from Without and Within

A Time to Garden: Feeble attempts at past gardening turns into more serious endeavors. Here I will share what I learn about the plants in my yard, the new plants purchased, and designing new flower gardens while incorporating the natural settings of the land. I research multiple websites and talk to other gardeners to put together a gardening reference book for yard and home. 

A Time To Garden

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