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Photography opened my eyes to life! It’s like being on a treasure hunt because I never know what interesting things I will find. I get excited over colors, textures, and patterns, and the excitement runs the gamut from gorgeous scenery to intricate veins in leaves and flower petals. I am fascinated by machinery and gears; old, run-down barns; reflections; birds, critters, and pets, trains, and more.

Taking pictures changed how I look at things. Sometimes there’s a different mindset depending on what I’m viewing. There’s more of an intensity to what I’m looking at, and if I’m shooting a scene intended to use for a landscape painting, other aspects need to be considered.

Most of my photography is in landscapes and natural settings. I occasionally take photos for the InterTown Record newspaper, and I’ve done commission work such as pet photos, property photos, and specific landscapes. I’ve written poetry books where I’ve matched a photo to each poem, and I’ve authored a travel memoir with many pictures. Many photos are posted on my Facebook page.

I never know what will catch my eye. There’s even something refreshing and calming when paying attention to things at my feet, in the yard, or around the neighborhood. It’s interesting to note what can change from day to day, and it’s exciting to share adventures through the photos taken along the way. I look for beauty in most everything around me.

That started my philosophy of “Creating beauty for myself, creates beauty for others.” I take a few photos almost every day to share on Facebook – to pass the beauty on.

Wine Glasses


I never leave home without the camera; my current one is a Canon T6i with a Tamron 18-270 lens. This lens allows distance without having to use a tripod. I don’t carry extra equipment.

If it doesn’t fit in my pocket, it doesn’t come with me.


Photography is my chance to share the delights found in the world around me. I want to share this glorious life with you and I invite you to have your own interpretations.

I am so very thankful to share the joy and beauty.
Thank you.

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