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Healing Through Writing

Sasha's Poems and Other Writings


Poetry Page Writing is healing for me. There is something about the written word that helps me see into myself and attain more understanding. Sometimes when writing about issues, answers will come. I also find that the writing clears my mind and allows other creative ideas to come forth. Poetry flows. When I open up to the possibility, the poems fall onto the page. The words tumble out until I get the feeling, “done” and I’m done. When that muse strikes, I seldom even do much editing. It is what it is and no matter what words come through me, I am left feeling relieved and joyful.


It is inevitable
that poetry
can only come from
intense pain,
intense love,
intense joy,
intense sorrow

Take me as I am
let me cry
into your joy
Take your joy
let me join
with you in laughter
Take my sorrow
and love me forever
Take your pain
and I will wipe your tears
with my kisses

Oh, Beloved
lest I forget
what it was like
to be loved
stay with me.
    ---Sasha Wolfe


I understand
this need, this lust
for words that
bed down in my soul
I understand
this need, this ache
that rips my soul
from end to end
til everything spills
that ever meant

I understand
this pain, this drive
that causes me to
fall to my knees
and cry out
to the Gods
I understand
this intensity of love
that wrings words
from a soul
unable to speak
in plain English
    ---Sasha Wolfe


Moonbeams and sunbeams
stars on dark nights
feet move to rhythms
on rays golden white
hands reach towards heaven
as I dance and take flight
in celebration of  life
with all its delights
       ---Sasha Wolfe



A time for parting
goodbyes and tears
you are now in a place
without any fears
where breezes flow gently
with sunshine and cheer
clouds white and puffy
air bright and clear
and a place in my heart
where you'll always be dear.
       ---Sasha Wolfe



She danced
with the pre-dawn grays
as the eastern sky
awoke in a blaze of
pinks and purples

Everything melted away
but this moment
as she reached
for the orange hues
streaking the heavens

Her hands floated
with the grace of a feather
and her footsteps
became the light of dew
and when the sun
crested the horizon
His long tendrils
 of brilliance
stretched across the grasses
to embrace her

In stillness
she waited
while wave upon wave
of wondrous golden yellows
filled her soul.
      ---Sasha Wolfe


Let the emptiness approach
Slowly, secretively
Let it tempt you, seduce you

Slip inside that space
As if sliding your tongue
Between the soft, wet lips
Of a dew-covered lady slipper

With no expectations
Ride the feathers of nothingness
Pay soft attention to sighs
Breathe in… breathe out…

Take note of patterns
Let the "fingers" of your mind's eye
Wander over textures

Let sight and sound
Come to you
As a lazy stream meandering through
An undeveloped forest

Let the waters of emptiness
Lap your gentle shores
     --- Sasha Wolfe


I want to be Magic and Light
feel the energies ripple
across my skin to yours

I want to give what I cannot hold
and wave flowers across
my mother's breasts

I want to rise above what I am
climb mountains of stone
swim with dolphins

I want to forget pain and prejudice
wave my arms, kiss the boo-boos
make everything all right

I want this energy I feel so strong
to reach you in the dark
calm your fears

I want to know that you know
that it is all right and you
and I are of one breath

I want to be the magic and light
that I feel…
      ----Sasha Wolfe


In this time, this moment
I ooze possibility
Oh, Spirit
Let me manifest these desires
Let my hands mold
the ideas like clay
Let form be created
as passion flows
like a roaring river.

In this time, this moment
I ooze possibility
Oh, Spirit
Let me fill to the brim
til the floodgates crash open
and words tumble
over each other
in their hurry
to get to the page
Let the ink in my pen
run as smooth as my thoughts.

In this time, this moment
I ooze possibility
Oh, Spirit
Let no excuse surface
to dam these gushing waters
Let my entire being
cascade with the joy
of creativity
Oh, Spirit
Let me remain open
til the last drop
is wrung
from my soul.
     ----Sasha Wolfe

Below is what I call my Signature Poem. It came about after some intense training and self study followed by a three month run of deep depression. One morning I woke and this poem poured forth releasing an amazing awakening in my soul. As I began to share the poem, I realized it wasn’t just about me, but about anyone who has ever felt less than and a lesson in standing up for what you believe and following your heart. To this day, I cannot recite this poem aloud without tears.


Sometimes I feel so insignificant
so useless, so unimportant.
I am certainly nobody’s hero,
never one to be looked up to
never to stand out in a crowd.
I will never BE somebody.
I am destined to stand in periphery
and they will never ever write songs about me.

Sometimes I get a glimpse beyond;
a glimpse, a fragile glimpse
of parted curtain, thinning veil.
What is it I see beyond the beyond?
clouded view of what could be,
cannot tell if it’s really me;
fear pulls the shade, no longer free,
and they will never ever write songs about me.

At times I am uncomfortable
when I look upon myself.
Who do I think I am
to dream I can be different?
So I continue to live in shadow
hovering between fear and wanna be.
I know that no one will ever see,
know too, they will never write songs about me.

But, to know I have a purpose
in the Greater Scheme of Life,
to dare to make my stand,
to know I have a choice.
I am One who lives in both worlds,
I guess it’s my destiny
Living in the periphery
is why they will never write songs about me.                       

Out of the well of darkness
of heartache and despair,
comes words to release the pain, the grief
and it’s these I wish to share:
Fame and Fortune care not for me.
Open heart, open hand for all to see.
Letting everyone know it’s okay with me
that they will never ever write songs about me.
          ---Sasha Wolfe

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