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This is a 13-step form which has many benefits, the basis of which can be learned in a few weeks. The goal of the practice is to move energy (chi) through the body in an effort to promote good health and well-being. There are no "contortionist" movements, so everyone should be able to gain something from these classes.

On a physical level, daily practice will strengthen balance, provide movement to mind, body, and spirit, and increase your energy level. You will use intent and awareness to "floss" the pathways of the body promoting better function of your organs and muscles.

On a spiritual level, the meditative practices will compliment individual belief systems, help you become more in-tune with your higher powers, and promote in you a greater understanding, an enhanced sense of peace, and more compassion.

These practices will teach you to take part in your own heath and well-being. For those of you currently healthy, it is a preventative maintenance against illness. For those who have health problems, Tai Chi is a way to assist methods of healing already in use.

Some other benefits include:
http://www.sashawolfe.net/images/black.pngCentering and grounding
http://www.sashawolfe.net/images/black.pngDevelopment of intent, awareness, inner and outer strength
http://www.sashawolfe.net/images/black.pngIncreased energy, clarity, and the ability to make better decisions

Small group and private classes available

Contact Sasha at:  tel. 603-464-0264 or e-mail Sasha

I am a graduate of the New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts. I’ve been a Tai Chi practitioner for over 20 years and received a Healing Tao Instructor certificate from Master Mantak Chia of Thailand in 1994. I’ve also studied a variety of philosophies and religions to develop gentleness and compassion for all living creatures. Due to unique training in leadership, Healing Tao and other healing arts, an atmosphere of safety, openness, and acceptance is provided.

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